A note about my reviews: I tend to rate based on emotion. I don't really follow any technical scale, which may lead to what is viewed as inconsistency. A book that may have more technical issues may receive a higher rating simply because I connected with it in some way. My reviews also vary in style/tone depending on what I feel fits the book and my opinion of it best. 'List Reviews' will usually be a lot more informal and light-hearted.

If you really want to know, my ratings roughly translate to:

5 of 5: Amazing. Loved it. Involves an embarrassing amount of gushing and inappropriate, repeated recommendations to friends/strangers.
4 of 5: Really good and entertaining read, but I don't find myself thinking about it much a week later. Lacking something special.
3 of 5: An ok book, maybe not my thing. Decent plot/storyline but didn't really stand out. 
2 of 5: Didn't care for it for whatever reason. Was boring or couldn't get over a particular aspect.
1 of 5: Really did not like it. Thinking about it evokes physical reactions of anger or disgust.

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