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Review: Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead + St. Vladimir's Summer School

From TheFakeSteph

It's week 6 of St. Vladimir's Summer School! The assigned reading this week is Last Sacrifice, the final book in the Vampire Academy series. 

St. Vladimir's Summer School is a Vampire Academy read-a-thon started by Steph @ The Fake Steph, Jen @ Jen Ryland/YA Romantics and Jenn @ Owl-Read-It! Be sure to check out their posts. Thanks for letting me join in, and thanks to Grad Student at YA Fiction & Whiskey Sours for bringing this to my attention.


Last Sacrifice wastes no time picking up where Spirit Bound left off, throwing the reader into the prison cell where Rose has been impatiently waiting news of her trial. After a daring and explosive (pun intended) escape initiated by Lissa and the rest of the usual suspects, they are split into two groups, both working against the clock to get answers. While Lissa and the others at court struggle to find Queen Tatiana's murderer and clear Rose's name, Rose and Dimitri chase down a rumor - a rumor of an illegitimate Dragomir child whose existence has the potential to change court life as they know it. 

Following these two plots is made easy by Rose's one-way bond with Lissa, which seemed to start off as a way to build their relationship but has become a pretty useful plot device that Mead has used throughout the series. While the suspense of finding the murderer and the Dragomir child was hampered a bit by the predictability of the plot (that the child would exist and that they would find her was obvious, though I hadn't guessed the identity), Last Sacrifice was just as engaging and easy to read as the previous novels, and I was thoroughly satisfied by its ending. 

And when I refer to 'the ending', I'm pretty much referring to the way things ended between Rose and Adrian. As you may recall, I was a little frustrated by Rose's denial of her feelings in Spirit Bound, and so it should be of no surprise that even though I knew where Rose was coming from, I LOVED seeing Adrian finally let her have it. Adrian seemed to progress as a character in those last few chapters than he did in the entire series, and for the first time I felt like I truly understood him - I understood Rose's comments about him being a 'victim', I understood what she meant by them not balancing each other out, and I understood his anger at her attitude and at himself. It felt like a real conversation between two people, especially because it was free of the excessive snark and banter that makes Rose both entertaining and annoying. 

I can confidently say that I'm glad to have jumped on the Vampire Academy bandwagon, even if I am several years late. It's been a thoroughly enjoyable ride that I feel ended at just the right time, unlike many Young Adult series that I know (Maximum Ride, I'm looking at you). I've grown to love these characters, and I'm SO glad that I've connected to Adrian just in time to start Bloodlines. :) Thanks to everyone who told me to give this a chance! 

I usually do 'lessons learned' as part of Summer School, but because this is the last book in the Vampire Academy series and I was in detention last week, I thought I would do art class instead!

My summary of the first three books (since I haven't reviewed them), in pictures:

Vampire Academy:


Shadow Kiss:

Recognize any scenes? Let me know if you do! (I seriously don't blame you if you don't.)
Though I joined late, I had so much fun doing Summer School and meeting more bloggers! Thanks for letting me join in. Be sure to check out their Summer School posts as well! 

On to Bloodlines! :)


  1. Hahaha, I love your artwork! Excellent job. A+. But, I have to disagree about how things ended between Rose and Adrian. While Rose had a point and they weren't right for each other, her arguments seemed to be an attempt to justify how badly she treated him. Saying he always acted like a victim is basically her putting the blame on him for her treating him badly. Like, I wouldn't have cheated on you if you had been a real man. That's just rubbing salt in the wounds. LOL. But I definitely loved this one and I'm psyched for Bloodlines.

    1. Haha thank you! And that's a great point, which I should have clarified. I was focusing on the observation that he has a history of running from problems with the drinking and all that (which I hadn't really thought about), and not the context in which that observation was used. That definitely isn't a good defense to what she did!

      Going to check out the other posts now! :)

  2. I am laughing so hard, in a happy way. I love you doodles!!!!!!! I have always been a fan of doodle's! I actually have a doodle that i did for a school project, stick figures and sharks that look like fish, framed in my house.
    I especially love the Frostbite one, maybe because its my favorite VA book, or because I like mountains that look like ice cream and has a guy caring something fishy.
    Awesome review as well!!!! I found this book as my least favorite because I wasn't surprised at all, and was a bit board during some parts. But I agree, that the ending conversation between Adrain and Rose is epic, and is what i waited for the whole series. I love the way you described why you liked it!!!!!
    New follower :0!!!!!!!!
    I hope you enjoy Bloodlines and the Golden Lily!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Rachel!!! I'm laughing so hard at your comment about mountains that look like ice cream, because that is SO true, and it's totally the cheat way of drawing mountains. I never noticed that! Just stopped by your blog and followed back. I see you're Team Adrian! I definitely can't wait to read Bloodlines. :)

  3. LOL lovely drawings, Lauren! :D I'm glad you were able to enjoy this series. It's one of my favourites and I hope I can re-read these books one day. Richelle Mead really knows how to make you fall in love with her characters! I can't wait to see what you make of Bloodlines. :) Fantastic review!

  4. Hi I'm a new blogger and a friend recommended your blog! A different way to review a book, I like it! :D I absolutely loved this series, I'm really happy you enjoyed the series as much a I. Did you like the romance between Dimitri and Rose? Obviously they are the highlight of the series :) I have just read a book, that I thought is similar to Vampire Academy. Your more than welcome to take a look! :) Again, Awesome Review!

  5. Great drawings! I know, I'm pretty fail at getting around to commenting on here. But.. I've just been so busy, barely had a chance to be on the computer at all.

    I was so happy when Adrian ripped into Rose. She was so mean, and yeah, putting the blame on him like Steph said was totally uncool. I'm waiting for my copy of Bloodlines to come in the mail, then I will happily hop into another series with Adrian :)

    I know what you mean about them finding the sibling, it was going to happen. I was happily surprised with who it was, even if Lissa wasn't.. And I still can't believe who killed Tatiana.. ugh!! It was a great end to the series and wraped up nicely.

    Great review, and drawings, and sorry I'm fail at getting around to reading it!

  6. "I LOVED seeing Adrian finally let her have it" - Preach it, sister! LOL

    And OMG, you have to start the Bloodlines series. Adrian is so epic in that one. It's one of my favorite series right now.


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